Monday, July 30, 2012


Upon looking at our weighty face before our examination start, our Deputy Dean, Prof K.J. calm us down and advise us not to stressed out.

"Quality education is an education that can give student enough pressure, to mold them to become a better and more competent individual. As we all know, the most precious diamond are created by the greatest pressure." Prof K.J. 

And here's my room mate, with his 110% concentration.
We are really lucky this year for having 3 weeks to prepare for our examination.
However, these 3 weeks of period were neither easy nor smooth sail for us.
 Insomnia, headache, diarrhea...
Lesson learned: Never have Ice-cream here during Gastroenteritis season, Never start a fight with your room mate, even when he starts, try to dodge it and
a good eye mask for sleep is a must. =D

 Lets take a small tour to my room(exam war zone).
Anytime if I happen to visit anyone's room and the room is slightly messy, please do not apologize. But if u did apologize, I would say I am already used to it and please refer to my room.

 These are some wall note for my third selanjar(3nd semester).
Just above me and my room mate's bed.

These are for my second selanjar. (2nd semester)

Central nervous system corner. 

My office


In the toilet~(mixed wall note)
To be read during poo-ing...

 Short note to be viewed during pee-ing~

Mixed note & flow chart...

Then here we come...
Battle zone!

Just a day before our result is announced, I get to know that I am one of the candidate who's qualified for the viva distinction interview/oral test (felt like in cloud 9999999).

In order to get into viva distinction interview, a candidate should have 70% mark and above aggregated from selanjar 1,2,3(30% total) and professional exam(70% total).
It means I already know that I got 70% and above for my year 1 examination, means I got an A, and now I will be fighting for the 'distinction' tittle. 
List of those who got distinction viva interview.

All those sweats and tears paid off.
Our batch got 100% passing rate this year and 5 viva distinction student(I'm one of them).

"Everyone of you are carrying huge responsibility here.
You left your country, you left your beloved family and friend for a mission,
a mission to become a good doctor." Prof. K.J.

At first, we're strangers,
We're now a big family.
Friends are like siblings, we taking care of each other,
Lecturers are like parents, they teach us and guide us toward the right path.
will miss them soon~!

Looking forward for my second year.

Happy holiday to all.

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